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13 Inch Oriental Jelly Anal Beads for Beginner

13 Inch Oriental Jelly Anal Beads for Beginner

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 Perfect for your first time with anal play, This Beginner's Anal Beads provide a teasing string of 10 graduated anal beads with a safety handle at the end. Pull out at point of climax to intensify sensations for an almighty release. 


Apply a good quality anal lube to the beads and anus and gently stimulate your anus with your fingers in a circular motion to relax the muscles. This stimulates the anus for the insertion of the beads and makes the initial sensation more comfortable. 


The beads start very small at 0.5 inch and grow to 1 inch in diameter at the base. Insert as many as you're comfortable with for satisfying anal play and remember the all important rule of applying plenty of anal lube prior to and during the insertion and withdrawal of the beads. 


Key Features: 


    13 inch length of anal beads for arousing sensations during sex, foreplay and masturbation 

    Ergonomic finger-loop keeps play safe and secure 

    10 x bulbous beads offer fluctuated sensations 

    Flexible design works with the contours of your body for maximum pleasure 

    Ideal for beginners thanks to slimline design 

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